Louise Kirby is a Dundee based visual artist and designer who creates bespoke artworks and designs that capture a sense of place to connect people to the world around them.  Her artwork has a positive playful feel which is created by contrasting patterns and meaningful references. 
Louise's designs have a range of applications from colourful pocket parks, colourful crossings, interior and exterior murals to collaborative projects.  Her artwork brings joy to site specific places within the public realm to connect people and enhance placemaking by creating distinctive places.
Louise designs her own range of illustrated gift products called Dundee Delights and work with organisations to create bespoke designs for their clients.
Louise Kirby brings the positives into focus to help people connect to the world around them and support positive wellbeing. 
Positive - Purposeful – Playful -  ConnectS  - Authentic
Positive – A friendly designer who's always ready with a smile. Louise brings joy to the world by searching for and highlighting the positives through her work. 
Purposeful – Louise believes print designs are more than pretty patterns.  She creates designs that resonate with people, making them feel connected and joyful with a sense of belonging. She loves working to briefs that make a difference to the world and knows that creativity changes people’s lives for the better. 
Playful – Louise loves to play with combinations of colour, texture and meaningful imagery to develop new designs. 
ConnectS – Louise helps join the dots by creating visual imagery that connects people to the world around them so they feel a sense of belonging. 
Authentic – Through creative consultation with clients and service users she finds out what is meaningful to them, to create bespoke designs for the space, product or service in her distinctive style.
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