Louise Kirby strives to create designs that have a positive impact on people’s lives, creating purposeful and meaningful designs in consultation with clients and service users.  Enhancing the world with print and pattern creating meaningful products connecting people with spaces, to create warm and welcoming environments.
Purposeful - I believe designs are more than pretty patterns, I love working to briefs that make a difference to the world and peoples lives. ​​​​​​​
Positive – Working with a friendly designer to highlight the positives and enhanced visually. 
Playful – I believe creativity has the power to change lives!  I love to experiment and play to exceed clients expectations using a mix a imagery, colour, texture and pattern.
Authentic – Through creative consultation with clients and service users I find out what is meaningful to them to create designs that are unique to the space, product or service.
Connecting – Using visual language I help businesses and organisations tell their story and capture the essence of their brand, connecting customers, clients and service users to the space, products or services in a meaningful way.
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